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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Your project always seems to be involved in activism.  How can you say you are focused on peace when you are always fighting something?
A: Our project embraces pono (correct, rightness) as the foundation for true peace.  Without this, maluhia (tranquility, peacefulness) is not stable.  Pono must be achieved in order for real peace to flourish.  Activism is often needed in order to create the necessary peaceful pressure for pono.
Q: How much does it cost to get help?
A: We help everyone we can.  If it is determined that we can help you, we will not charge for our work.  Donations are gratefully accepted, and needed in order to continue the work that we do, but not required.  Also, please be prepared to cover costs such as parking, copies, postage, etc.  We do not do legal work, so if this is needed, you may need to pay for it separately,  However, cooperative legal work is much less costly than adversarial legal action.      
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