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Aloha ʻAina Warriors

Hawaiʻi is a neutral, peaceful nation under a foreign military occupation. This occupation has been brutal, and has facilitated colonial destruction of land, culture, and people.  It has robbed the people of the legitimate Hawaiian nation of their birthright to freedom, self-determination, and ability to protect their land and culture from total decimation.   

Aloha ʻāina warriors are fighting hard to change this.  Using nonviolent means based in aloha (love) and pono (righteousness), they are engaged in hard battles for land, water, human rights and cultural protections.  They are what stands between genocide and kanaka continuation.  They are what stands between the destruction of sacred places and their protection.  They are the protectors, the healers, the keepers of place-based tradition, the heroes of Aloha ʻĀina (love for the land).

This battle is not easy.  Many have died in the course of struggle.  Many more have been arrested, brutalized, and threatened.  Trauma symptoms (similar to the PTSD common in all battles) is rampant.  Sacrifices are enormous: most of this work is totally unpaid, and many have lost their homes and/or livelihoods while fighting for freedom and protection.  Most are "blacklisted" from most mainstream employment.  Discrimination is widespread.  

YOU CAN HELP.  We are asking that Aloha ʻĀina Warriors be supported and recognized.  Military discounts, if they exist at all, should NOT discriminate against the warriors of our neutral nation-state, in favor of only those who are part of the wrongful occupation of our land! If you are a business who offers military discounts, please recognize our warriors' status as valid.  If you do so formally, we will acknowledge you here!  For everyone else, please support our warriors by encouraging businesses to recognize them!  Also, please keep a lookout for ways to support directly.  As this page develops, we will post some of these!

Mahalo nui loa -- Aloha and Peace!!!
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