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Hoʻopae Pono Peace Project has the following positions on human rights in Hawaiʻi:
• Human rights are for everyone.
• We embrace all rights outlined in the UNUDHR.
• In addition, we recognize the full spectrum of gender, which goes beyond "men and women" as outlined in Article 16.  The rights of everyone should be the same regardless of gender.  
• Indigenous rights, as outlined in UNDRIP, are human rights.  
• Human rights are being abused daily in Hawaiʻi.  Some of the worst abuses are against Kanaka Maoli and against the Houseless.  
• Full Independence of Hawaiʻi from the United States is the ONLY way to effectively address human rights violations in Hawaiʻi.
• Protection of human rights through all means available is necessary until Hawaiʻi returns to its status as a neutral, independent country.
• We support peaceful, nonviolent means to achieve protection of human rights. We also fully support nonviolent resistance as needed in this regard.  

Human Rights in Hawaiʻi

Human Rights Abuses: Enter data here
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