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Good Options for supporting Maui relief efforts include:

⭐️Nā Aikāne o Maui - their space burned down, but the org has been on the front lines constantly, helping people directly in a sovereign manner.

⭐️Maui Medic/Healers Hui has been on the front line, doing trauma and medical work and so much more.  All volunteer.

⭐️Pacific Birth Collective has been supporting the healers specifically, especially for pregnant, birthing and postpartum families but also for general assistance to families.

There are so many organizations involved.  Many of them are awesome.  These are the ones we work with most!

Our org (Hoʻopae Pono Peace Project) is also buying a lot of plane tickets for healers, relief workers, supply runs etc.  Our fiscal sponsor has waived all sponsorship percentages on donations for the rest of the year so they go directly to healer tickets & supplies.  This is the link; select Hoʻopae Pono Peace Project from the dropdown list of Affiliates.  “Maui Fire Relief” can be added to comments, but we are basically using all incoming funds for this effort right now.  Maui folks on the ground are directing.   

But we are super happy for the funds to go to any of the other projects too!  Main thing is that funding goes to Maui for Maui. 



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